Our affiliation with four interconnected companies enables us to offer the most complete waste and recycling services in Northern Michigan.

Northern A-1 Environmental Services is a leading provider of environmental, industrial and waste transportation services, and their Specialized Safety Services division fields highly-trained safety technicians and emergency response professionals. The team at HBC Specialized Contracting undertakes the messiest and most dangerous environmental cleanup and abatement projects, and the people at Wexford County Landfill LLC take painstaking care of the municipal solid waste landfill just north of Cadillac.

For over 30 years, Northern A-1 Environmental Services has been a leading provider of environmental, industrial and waste transportation services. A-1’s experienced professionals are backed by the latest technologies and a vast, advanced equipment fleet. Northern A-1 combines quick-response, quality service with cutting-edge methods so it can grow with its clients in complex, changing times.

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Wexford County Landfill LLC is a highly-engineered, state-permitted municipal solid waste landfill located just north of Cadillac. The LLC carefully designs, fills and monitors the landfill to isolate waste from the surrounding environment, especially groundwater, using best-practice methods of bottom liners, cells, leachate and methane collection systems, caps and groundwater monitoring stations.


The Specialized Safety Services division of Northern A-1 provides highly-specialized safety managers and technicians who use the most up-to-date equipment, methodology and training to safely handle environmental projects. Specialized also provides first responder personnel who safely handle emergencies, disasters, fires, spills and accidents by employing the most advanced safety equipment and methods used in the industry today.

HBC Specialized Contracting tackles the messiest and most dangerous environmental cleanup jobs around by focusing on safety, quality, flexibility and speed, investing in specialized environmental abatement technologies, and developing strong relationships. HBC gets the job done while maintaining a low profile and high level of quality as a trusted partner of businesses and big industry, both nationally and internationally.