Committed to Recycling

American Waste operates over 40 Drop Off Recycling Centers across Northern Michigan where you can recycle for free. Most are open 24 hours a day.

We also offer curbside recycling in 96-gallon recycling totes within the Traverse City city limits—use our service request form, email us, call 231-943-8088, or Chat Live with a Customer Service Rep to sign up.

American Waste believes that recycling is the right thing to do. We began residential and commercial recycling in Traverse City in 2006, and opened a Construction & Demolition recycling facility in Kalkaska in 2008.

In 2011, co-owners/co-presidents Eddie and Mike Ascione made a $12 million commitment to recycling in Northern Michigan by purchasing the 217,000 square foot former Tower Automotive Building and retrofitting it to become the largest recycling center in Michigan north of Grand Rapids.

Today, at a time when many communities are ending their recycling programs, American Waste is doubling down. In 2019, we received a $474,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy to support our $1.4 million upgrade to our recycling facility.

We enthusiastically support Michigan’s Recycling Raccoons education program to help Michiganders recycle more and better, aimed at doubling Michigan’s recycling rate to 30% by 2025 and ultimately 45% annually. Michigan’s current 15% recycling rate is the lowest in the Great Lakes region and ranks among the nation’s lowest. We welcome you to Tour Our Recycling Facility and become a graduate of Recycling University.

Materials Recovery Facility, Traverse City

American Waste processes 30,000 tons of recyclables annually from 19 Michigan counties in our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF, pronounced MURF) in Traverse City. We are able to recycle or reuse 99% of the materials that come through our doors. We ship out 120 semis full of processed recycled materials each month to manufacturers who make them into new products. Of those materials, 80% remain in Michigan, and the other 20% go to mills and manufacturers in the Midwest. Due to the relationships we have been able to develop in our home region, we have zero percent reliance on China or other international markets. We are in the process of upgrading the facility with state-of-the-art optical sorting equipment thanks in part to a grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy.

Materials Recovery Facility, Traverse City MI

Materials Recovery Facility, Traverse City MI

Construction & Demolition Recycling Facility, Kalkaska

In 2008, American Waste became one of the first in our industry to open a construction and demolition recycling facility. Today, materials from all large construction projects in our region, including Munson’s Cowell Family Cancer Center and Turtle Creek Casino, come to our C&D recycling facility in Kalkaska to be repurposed and reused. Wood, metal, cardboard, floor coverings, roofing, concrete, pallets, lumber, reclaimed lumber/plywood sheets, sticks (2x4s, 2x6s,), wiring, reclaimed bricks cleaned of excess mortar, sheetrock/drywall, and miscellaneous items including mattresses, box springs, and couches go through our facility every day, before they are shipped out for their next life.

Construction & Demolition Recycling Facility, Kalkaska MI

Construction & Demolition Recycling Facility, Kalkaska MI